• Image of Soul Low - Nosebleeds (Vinyl)
  • Image of Soul Low - Nosebleeds (Vinyl)
  • Image of Soul Low - Nosebleeds (Vinyl)

Soul Low is back with their sophomore record!

Out August 5, 2016.

Marrying strong pop sensibilities with wiry and weird touches of the abstract, Soul Low breaks new ground with “Nosebleeds”out August 5th. Recorded over the course of a weekend, complex rhythms share space with bright, easygoing melodies and quirky lyrical musings. Album opener “Frenemies” boils to a rewarding intensity, while first single “Be Like You” flirts with a sincere California beach vibe. Drawing comparisons to artists like The Shins and Girls, Soul Low have carved out a space for themselves as purveyors of bright, inventive music with a clever, genre-defying edge – and they’re ready to share it with the world.

1. Frenemies
2. Tied in Knots
3. Be Like You
4. Finger Bones
5. Ritalin Kids

1. You Know What You Do to Me
2. Let the Wind Blow
3. The Adulterer
4. Hard to Gage